Is SEO right for my business?

Many business owners are asking this particular question. The truth is, most businesses will benefit from SEO. But the choice to either employ SEO or not is a decision that you alone can make. The only thing that other people can do for you is to give. To help you make the decision, consider the following scenarios.

1. You need more customers for your business.

All businesses can use more customers, even established one. SEO is an effective tool that can help business owners achieve this goal. Of course, to benefit from SEO you need to have an online presence first. This means you need to have a website or at least social media presence. SEO is actually a cost effective way for your business to be found when your target customers search in Google using keywords related to the products or services that you are offering. If you do SEO right, then you can expect your website to land on the first page of Google or other search engines and be found by people in the process at the time that they are actually looking for what you are offering. This can be very advantageous to your business since it shortens the time between finding your business and buying the product or service that you are offering. SEO is also considered by many as superior to other forms of advertising because of the fact that it is more focused. A magazine ad, for example, may expose you to thousands of people but it may not be at a time when they need your product or service.

2. You are looking to grow your business.

SEO, in combination with other online marketing methods, can bring the growth that you want your business to achieve. Nowadays, most people turn to the Internet whenever they are looking for products and services. This is why business owners who want their businesses to grow should make the effort to improve the visibility of their products and services to search engines.
To be able to experience growth and to increase your market share, it is not enough though that you are visible in search engines. You also need to rank high with the relevant keywords that are related to the industry you are in. You can look at the way you use search engines as a clue. When you are trying to find information using Google, which links do you click? You usually click the links on the top right? Most of the time, you don’t even bother looking at the links at the bottom of the first page.

3. You need to revamp your marketing strategy.

If you have been in business for a considerable number of years already and you are still using the same marketing techniques that you have been using since you started, then maybe it is time for you to update your marketing strategy. Maybe it is time for you to turn to the Internet to get new customers and retain the ones you already have. Several decades ago, it is necessary for businesses to be in the Yellow Pages. This is because then, people turn to the Yellow Pages to look for products and services. Nowadays though, some people don’t even know what a Yellow Pages is.
These days, people turn to Google. There are some who use other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing but the point is people nowadays mostly depend on search engines to find information. People use search engines for the simple reason that it is more convenient and easier than to open the thick Yellow Pages. Through the Internet they can also access other information such as reviews of products and services. With the popularity of mobile devices, it is expected that the popularity of search engines will also increase. So if you are thinking of revamping your marketing strategy, then you should seriously consider diverting some of your marketing budget to SEO and other online efforts.

4. Your profits and market share are being eaten by your competitors.

If you feel that your competition is having an advantage over you then it could mean that they are more visible online than you are. To check, you can search in Google the particular product or service that you are offering then you can check who is on top of the rankings. If someone else is there and not you then that means you have to work harder on your online presence. Even if you just want to simply maintain the current state of your business then you still need to have a good web presence because the business climate is getting more and more competitive. If you will not work hard to get on the top of Google then for sure your competitors will be able to get ahead of you.
It matters little if you offer a better product or service than your competitors. If you cannot be found online then you will not be able to get the customers that you are targeting. You should also work hard on your online presence to keep the customers that you already have because for sure most of them are always on the lookout for better products and services.

Is SEO worth it?

The actual cost of implementing SEO for your business will depend on many factors. Regardless of how much SEO for your business would cost, you need to be able to justify the cost. First of all, you need to make sure that your business can afford it. You should also be clear when it comes to the results that you are after. You should also determine if you can start locally at first and then just expand your reach later on.

Before you start contacting SEO companies, you should have on hand some pertinent data about your current web presence, if you have any. If you have a website then you need to know your current website statistics. If you have an online store already then you also need to know your conversion rate, average cost per sale, time between sales and profits per sale.