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We will get you top rankings for the keywords that actually matter, that is the ones that are going to result in business growth.

Increase Traffic

Yes, rankings on the important keywords will increase traffic to your site. But, we also increase traffic from longer tail keywords.

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An SEO Consultant who works with you

A lot of SEO providers will sign you up for a “Package” and then throw you into their system to be “Worked On”.

We do things a little different. We work WITH our clients. We understand their businesses. We don’t have any packages. Everything is designed around your business – because at the end of the day, every business has different needs and goals online.

Everything Tailored to your business.

We can’t offer you an “SEO Package”. Every campaign we do is completely tailored to the business we are working with.

Why? It’s probably best illustrated with this example:
Business A is a big city law firm. They are looking to grow their business and want clients from all over the country to find them in Google.

Business B is a self employed plumber looking to get in touch with local (in his small town) customers looking for his services.

How can any fixed SEO Package out there adequately service both of these businesses?

We first do an in depth analysis of your business and your industry to determine the following:
Where your business (and it’s web presence) is at right now.
What the competition is like in your industry.
What potential business you may be able to get from a good search presence.
What is needed to put you ahead of your competition.

Then we create a proposal focused on your goals.

You only pay for results – Goals that you Set!

You want something out of SEO right? Well we find out what that is and work towards whatever you want. Not some vague number that you don’t understand.

Our pricing model means that we don’t just say “hey, this takes time, just pay us and wait to see what happens”.

Again we’re different….

You tell us what you want. Then we come up with a mutually agreeable pricing structure based on hitting certain benchmarks – benchmarks based on YOUR goals. So you pay for the results you get.

SEO is a partnership

The service of SEO (when done right) is a true partnership. It only works when both parties are actively engaged. We have to work very closely with our clients to get the results they need.

And, we view it as a long term relationship. Obviously if you are getting the results – the ROI – that you need, you are going to stay with us.

And that’s why we work the way we do. Because we see the long term partnership.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is for a lot of business, one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available. Our SEO Consultants are experts at getting our clients to the top of the rankings and keeping them there. More Info.

Local SEO

If you operate locally or have a business in a location that relies on a constant flow of customers, then local SEO if for you. We make sure your business appears first whenever someone locally searches for your type of business. More Info.

Google Penalty Recovery

A few years ago, Google got tough on spammy SEO practices and a lot of companies didn’t take note. Unfortunately this has resulted in a high number of businesses suffering from penalties that affect their rankings. We can fix this. More Info.

SEO Consultancy

If you have the resources within your business to do a lot of the “Grunt Work”, we can offer an SEO Consultancy service where we take care of the high level research and strategy work, and then your own staff implement. More Info.